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Simon's Cat and Cats Protection launch ‘Simon’s Cat Logic’ video series

14 February 2016
Today sees the launch of a brand new series of Simon’s Cat videos, created in conjunction with the UK’s leading feline welfare charity, Cats Protection, to shed some light on the behaviour of our much-loved moggies.

Since first appearing online in 2008, Simon's Cat has attracted a worldwide fan-base with a series of short cartoons and books charting the antics of its title character.

Simon’s Cat Logic
is a series of short videos featuring Cats Protection’s Behaviour Manager, Nicky Trevorrow, that explain why cats behave in the way Simon’s Cat does in his popular cartoons and videos.

The first video in the series, called Crazy Time, looks at the ‘crazy five minutes’ that will be familiar to most cat owners.

Nicky explains that the domestic cat shares common ancestry with the African wildcat which has a number of hunting episodes a day, whereas our pet cats have a more sedate lifestyle so need to burn off excess energy.

The hunting instinct is often triggered by movement, so toys that move, such as fishing rod toys with feathers, are a useful way to provide pet cats with this outlet. Owners are advised to always let their cat catch and 'kill' the toy to avoid frustration.

Many owners may not be aware that hunting behaviour is not influenced by hunger, which is why a cat will hunt even after eating. Each part of the hunting activity – the stalk, pounce, play and kill – releases feel-good hormones called endorphins so it’s fun for both the cat and the owner!

Nicky said: “It was great to work with the Simon’s Cat team again and have the opportunity to provide useful information to cat owners in a fun and informative way.”

To view the Crazy Time video click here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lisncxkbHfc Cat lovers can join in the conversation on Twitter using the hashtag #SimonsCatLogic.

For a range of cat care information please visit www.cats.org.uk

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For further information or an interview, please contact Cats Protection’s Media Office on 01825 741 911, at
media.office@cats.org.uk, or @CPMediaTeam on Twitter.

Notes to Editors: Cats Protection
  1. Cats Protection is the UK’s leading feline welfare charity and helps over 205,000 cats each year through its national network of over 250 volunteer-run branches and 32 centres.
  2. Cats Protection’s vision is a world where every cat is treated with kindness and an understanding of its needs.
  3. Cats Protection’s registered charity number is 203644 (England and Wales) and SC037711 (Scotland). Founded as the Cats Protection League in 1927, the charity adopted the name Cats Protection in 1998. We ask that you use the name Cats Protection when referring to the charity in all published material.
  4. More information about the work of Cats Protection can be found at www.cats.org.uk
 Notes to Editors: Simon’s Cat 
  1. The hugely successful Simon’s Cat animation series, created by award-winning illustrator, animator and director Simon Tofield, has been viewed over 700 million times on YouTube and has attracted over 3.7 million YouTube subscribers. The Simon's Cat cartoons have also appeared on traditional broadcast TV networks such as NHK in Japan and LA7 in Italy, in-flight entertainment on multiple airlines and on a platinum-selling DVD (published by Universal Music) in Germany.
  2. Simon’s Cat books have been published in over 27 different countries, selling in excess of 1.7 million books in total. Simon’s Cat licensing has over 120 different products including stationery, gifting and apparel.
  3. The Simon's Cat studio continues to develop the series for longer and multi-platform formats while expanding the entertaining cast of characters. Further info at http://www.simonscat.com/ and http://youtube.com/simonscat