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Good advice on Lost and Found cats can be found here:
Cats Protection main site - lost cat
Cats Protection main site - found cat
Cats Protection magazine article
Cat Chat online cat rescue resource

If you have lost your cat the first thing is to ask locally, get your neighbours to check sheds and garages, leaflet the neighbourhood and put posters up.

Then spread the word more widely. Ask local vets and rescues. As well as contacting Animal Search UK for Lost and Found cats as detailed below, you can post on our Facebook page. If you email us with details of lost cats we will add to our own Lost and Found Register 

You can also notify us of found cats. Further advice on found cats can be found here .

You can post on or notify other Facebook pages as appropriate to your area, such as:
RSPCA Stort Valley Friends
Animal Rescue Charity
HertsEssex Petsearch and Rescue
Harlow Lost and Found Pets
HARLOW PETS Lost&Found & Rehoming!!!
Bishop's Stortford Pets
Bishop's Stortford Animals Lost and Found
Dunmow Missing Cats
Saffron Walden Pets
Spotted Pets
  -  this seems to cover mainly East Herts, West Essex, North East London

NextDoor: if you have a local active NextDoor site, it may also be worth posting on there. Consider also local communities' or magazines' Facebook pages, such as those of the CM connection series, or the Bystander (there are others). Also post on local vets' pages if the page/site allows it.

If you don't use social media, let us know and we can post for you.

Harlow Animal Warden:
If you are in Harlow Council area you can report Lost and Found cats and dogs here.

If you find an ill or injured cat
you need to get it to a vet, but you should call the RSPCA on 0300 1234 999 for a reference number BEFORE contacting/visiting the vet. This allows the vet to reclaim the cost of emergency treatment from the RSPCA.

Although we maintain our own records of LOST and FOUND cats, we advise you to use Animal Search as well. We don't automatically include on our register all reports from the Harlow Facebook sites as there are so many, but if you are in Harlow they are worth monitoring. We also wait a couple of days after date of going missing before uploading details of lost cats.

Cats Protection has teamed up with Animal Search UK to provide the UK's most advanced lost and found database.

Animal Search UK is the leading search service for missing pets in Britain. They specialise in helping to reunite owners with lost or stolen pets. Their website is free to use, provides local and national coverage and offers free help and advice for people who have lost or found a pet.

To get started, please choose one of the options below.

I've lost my cat

Cats Protection is working with Animal Search UK to reunite more cats and owners.

If you have lost your cat, click the link to register your cat as missing.

The link will redirect you to the Animal Search UK website.

I've found a cat

Cats Protection is working with Animal Search UK to reunite more cats and their owners.

If you have found a cat, please click the link below to register the cat at Animal Search UK.

The Link will redirect you to the Animal Search UK website.

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